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Sustainability and human-centric lighting according to B2 [labtech]

🌍 Exciting update from B2 Labtech: full interview released!🎥

Our CEO Luca Benedetti had the privilege of being interviewed by sustainability consultant Sara Battistella from Green Future Project and Quinto Passo, a channel dedicated to sustainability topics. We are thrilled to share the full video of this insightful interview, where Luca discusses crucial themes such as:

🚀 Innovative sustainable entrepreneurship: exploring new paradigms for startups and future entrepreneurs

🔄 Evolving business practices: how we’re moving away from outdated business models to embrace rapid global economic changes and heightened international competition. Our focus is on setting higher lighting industry standards and reorganizing our company with a dedicated emphasis on environmental and social sustainability.

✨ Collective responsibility and new opportunities: emphasizing the importance of everyone’s contribution to fostering new synergies and driving sustainable growth.

🌱 This interview underscores our sustainable DNA at B2 Labtech, showcasing our commitment to developing human-centric lighting technology that learns and adapts to human needs—a key component of our international business growth strategy, where the primary value is respect for human and environmental well-being.

🔗 Watch the full interview in order to hear more about how B2 Labtech is leading the way in sustainable business practices and setting new standards in the lighting industry.

Join us in this journey and see how we’re lighting the way to a sustainable future!


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