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New partner for the technical development of B2 [labtech]

We are thrilled to announce the entrance a new partner in B2 [labtech]!

Francesco Brocca will bring his relevant experience in the implementation of the LED human centric lighting devices!

Francesco has technical design skills that began with his studies in Architecture at the I.U.A.V. of Venice, gained in companies specialized in the design and construction of special metal carpentry favoring a personal technical maturation of special structural grafts. With the entry in Neon Pordenone and then in Visivart he developed skills in the creation of technical construction projects of metal / plastic and lighting materials, which later became construction standards; also collaborating with leading Chinese companies in the technological sectors of LED lighting and related controls. He then became responsible for "research and development" within the company, with full autonomy in purchasing, and subsequently as director with responsibility for the technical/graphics department and full management of foreign suppliers as well as the R&D of new technologies sector.

Francesco deals with the technical management of the startup, design and development of the LED acoustic lighting device and interaction with the IoT software, as well as the management of collaborations and purchases in Italy and China for technological components.

Stay Tuned, many important news for 2023!





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