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The new frontier of Human Centric Lighting

The new LED lighting fixtures have features that allow artificial lights to mimic the quality of natural light, and have the necessary amount of light to allow us to complete, as best as possible, different work and study activities, as well as create a pleasant environment where lights can follow the natural trend of daylight.

Designers who follow the principles of Human Centric Lighting using the new LED fixtures will achieve:

Greater amount of light

LED sources cut down energy costs while achieving a high luminous flux in accordance with sustainable consumption patterns.

Improved light quality

The new sources combine high colour rendering and correct light distribution, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort; while anti-glare optics and the low-flicker sources protect human eyesight.

Efficient light control

The possibility to adjust lights via more accurate and programmable control systems can dim lights during the day in order to reproduce the rhythm of outdoor light or automatically adjust them to the amount of daylight. Moreover, it is possible to choose the best amount of light for a certain type of activity, whether it is reading, working at the PC or a business meeting.


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