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First anniversary B2 [labtech]

Today is an important date!

It’s the first year since B2 [labtech] was founded in spring 2022 in Trentino - Italy!🎉

During this year we have reached many milestones to bring soon #HumanCentricLighting as a reality in everyday life in order to improve the wellbeing that people deserve while working and living indoor spaces:

💶 In May 2022 we won two regional funds that helped us creating and experimenting our first MVP

💡 in October 2022 we finalized our prototype

🏢 in November 2022 we created our Showroom, Testing & Production Lab where we have begun our first testing simulation

⚙️ in December 2022 a new partner with 15+ years in LED lighting has entered in B2 [labtech] and bringing his technical expertise so as to facilitate our go to market

🌏 In January 2023 we signed exclusive rights for LED components with a Chinese manufacturer

🚀 In February 2023 we were selected as one of the best and most promising startups to enter in Trentino Startup Valley promoted by Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. and HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino

📑 In March 2023 we began our CE certifications and EMC testing in order to start selling our products in Europe

📈 Currently we are working on our first pilot based on project quotes and partnerships we are forming with established companies in Italy

Better lighting, less distractions.

Greater productivity.

Stay tuned!





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