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Circadian clocks: a possible strategy to fight aging

🕑 Today we have attended the seminar “Circadian clocks: a possible strategy to fight aging” of professor Yasukazu Nakahata from the Graduate School of Biomedical Science of the Nagasaki University, Japan.

💡☀️ We discussed how our Human Centric Acoustic Lighting device can influence the circadian clock, by reproducing the natural light and acoustic well-being in indoor environments in order to improve psychological well-being, decrease distractions and increase productivity in indoor environments.

🤝 Thanks to the department of Psychology and Cognitive Science of the University of Trento for the valuable opportunity.

Better lighting. Less distractions. Greater productivity. . . . #humancentricacousticlighting #wellbeing #iot #artificialintelligence #circadianclock


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