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B2 [labtech] wins Science Impact 2023

📢 We are thrilled to share that B2 Labtech is among the top ten winners of the prestigious "Science Impact" call by FondazioneVRT, selected between innovative projects from research bodies, the University of Trento, and groundbreaking companies like ours.

🥇This recognition is not just an honour; it underlines our commitment to innovation in human centric acoustic lighting technology, especially in areas that matter the most – health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.

🚀 The 11th call for proposals by Fondazione VRT aimed to ignite and foster the application of new technologies and expertise developed in Trentino. At B2 Labtech, we're proud to contribute to this vision, showcasing how innovative technological lighting projects can make a real difference on humans.

💡 We have developed the first human centric acoustic lighting device made of sound-absorbing recicled materials, capable of replicating natural light and acoustic well-being indoor.

🔭 Looking ahead, we're excited to further our research and development, contributing to Trentino's growth and positively impacting our planet and community. Let's continue making strides in technology for a better tomorrow!


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