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B2 [labtech], where everything begun!

In march 2022 B2 [labtech] SRL innovative startup was founded in Trentino, Italy!

The idea actually started to grow some years before in Scandinavia, exactly in Denmark, where our CEO Luca Benedetti, during his Master’s degree, learned the relevance of lighting on human health while living and working in indoor environments, considering the famous “Hyggie” Danish way of living a cosy and happy life, where LIGHT plays a key role!

He always remembered how the dark winter days used to affect the student’s mood and the never-ending energy during the bright and long summer days.

Some years has passed since he left Denmark… and here is today with the B2 [labtech] team and one shared goal: improve the well-being and productivity of people living and working in indoor spaces thanks to our LED human centric lighting technology.

What does that mean?

We are developing a software that uses machine learning to automatically adapts the intensity and colour of LED, by combining different data from sensors in order to precisely reproduce the natural sunlight that reduces the lighting stress caused by the intensity and colour gap between artificial lighting in indoor environments and outdoor sunlight that influences our body functions and human well-being. The software is interconnected to customizable LED lighting devices with sound absorbing capabilities, made from recycled materials and with innovative technologies that enhance lighting and acoustic comfort at the same time.

See you soon with more updates!





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