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B2 [labtech] software SIAE filed

🚀 We're excited to announce that B2 Labtech’s software algorithm is now SIAE filed 🚀

🔐 SIAE filing: securing our innovation

This strategic move is about safeguarding the intellectual property that sets us apart. The SIAE filing serves as a foundational proof of authorship and secures our rights in the event of judicial disputes. It affirms our title, date of publication, and most importantly, our paternity of this groundbreaking innovation.

💡 Human Centric Acoustic Lighting: tailored for tomorrow

Our intelligent algorithm is the core of our intelligent lighting solutions, crafted to enhance human spaces with light improve people's wellbeing and productivity indoor, while reducing company footprint. By learning from the environment and adapting in real-time, it represents a leap forward in human-centric and responsive lighting design.

🙌 A commitment to excellence

We thank our dedicated team legal experts Bugnion Spa, who have made this possible. As we continue to pioneer in the field of intelligent Human Centric lighting, we invite you to follow our journey and be a part of shaping a healthier and more sustainable world.


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