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B2 [labtech] & Quinto Passo join forces for social and environmental sustainability

🚀 Milestone achieved: B2 Labtech & Quinto Passo join forces for social and environmental sustainability

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Quinto Passo, a leader in assisting companies with environmental sustainability projects in the ESG domain. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us at B2 Labtech in our journey of innovation and sustainability.

Thanks to this synergy, we have enhanced our human-centric lighting software with a new KPI analysis section, focused on corporate ESG reporting. This groundbreaking tool provides real-time data, highlighting the social and environmental benefits of our system:

🌿👥 Social impact: Reduction in sick days and an increase in work productivity, analysis in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Trento.

🌍 Environmental impact: Significant reduction in CO2 emissions and energy consumption, promoting greater sustainability compared to traditional lighting methods.

Our vision of a more sustainable and healthy future for indoor environments gains new strength in this partnership. Our project is not just an advancement in intelligent lighting but represents a robust solution for improving well-being in indoor areas, actively contributing to environmental and social sustainability goals.

Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future! 💡🌱


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