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B2 [labtech] partnership with the University of Trento

🤝🔬 At B2 Labtech, we're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with the esteemed Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Trento. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in understanding how our state-of-the-art human-centric acoustic lighting impacts workplace well-being.

🔍 Our joint research initiative focuses on the social impacts created by aligning the circadian rhythms of individuals in indoor environments. This cutting-edge analysis delves into how our solutions can reduce sick days and boost productivity, making a substantial contribution to the ESG reporting and sustainability balance for businesses.

🌱 What does this mean for your workspace? Our innovative lighting solutions not only enhance employee well-being but also align with your company's sustainability and ESG goals. This is more than just lighting; it's about creating a healthier, more productive environment for everyone.

💡 B2 Labtech is committed to scientific excellence and continuous innovation. By pushing beyond market standards, we aim to elevate workplace environments to new heights of comfort and efficiency.

Stay tuned as we share more insights from our groundbreaking research with the University of Trento. Together, we're not just illuminating spaces; we're illuminating the future of workplace wellness.


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