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B2 [labtech] partnership with Aquafil Spa

🌍 Innovative partnership for a sustainable future: B2 Labtech & Aquafil Group 🌍

🤝 We are excited to announce that B2 Labtech has begun laying the groundwork for a strategic collaboration with Aquafil Spa, a leader in the sustainability sector. After numerous meetings, we are exploring thrilling opportunities to merge our expertise.

🏭 One of the potential collaborations we are evaluating involves the installation of one of our plants at the Aquafil headquarter, in Arco – Trento - Italy. But there's more: we are exploring the use of Aquafil's revolutionary ECONYL® polymer and yarn in our production process.

♻️ECONYL® nylon represents a true innovation in recycling: it is a regenerated nylon yarn, created from discarded materials, offering the same performance as traditional nylon, but with the advantage of being infinitely recycled and recyclable. This not only reduces the use of new resources but also closes a virtuous circle between sustainability and creativity.

💡Our vision is to integrate ECONYL® nylon into the production of our human-centric acoustic lighting fixtures. This will emphasize our commitment to sustainable, and local solutions, contributing to the creation of value for the Trentino business fabric and actively involving all actors of the local innovation ecosystem.

🌍 This collaboration represents an important step towards our common goal: to innovate with respect for the environment and people, demonstrating that the future of industry can be not only sustainable but also circular.


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