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B2 [labtech] partnership with AIDI

📢 Big news: B2 Labtech & AIDI Partnership!

🎉 We are thrilled to announce our recent association with AIDI, Italy's premier lighting association. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards reshaping indoor workspaces.

💡 Since its founding in 1959, AIDI has been at the forefront of promoting the culture of light, emphasizing the role of lighting in enhancing urban environments and spaces. Their dedication to disseminating knowledge on lighting's scientific, technical, and cultural aspects aligns perfectly with our mission at B2 Labtech.

🚀 Our goal is to revolutionize work environments by integrating our lighting technology that aligns with human rhythms, fostering psychophysical well-being. Through our collaboration with AIDI, we aim to create spaces where light not only illuminates but also enhances performance, reduces distractions, and promotes overall human’s health.

🌱 This partnership not only reinforces our position in the Italian market but also showcases our potential to scale up and bring lighting innovation to new heights. We are excited to work alongside AIDI to spread awareness and implement solutions that reflect our shared vision of quality lighting that benefits society economically and socially.

🤝 Together, we are lighting the way to healthier workspaces and brighter futures.


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