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B2 [labtech] meets the students of Human Computer Interaction at the University of Trento

📢 Today we had the privilege of presenting at the University of Trento's RAW seminar titled “Interaction of cortical and subcortical mechanisms.” It was an enlightening experience discussing our human-centric lighting device with the international students of the Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction.

💡 Throughout our presentation, we were captivated by the interesting questions, unique points of view, and insightful feedback from the students. Their enthusiasm and curiosity truly added depth to our discussion.

🌞🎶 Our innovative device, made from recycled sound-absorbing materials, not only replicates natural lighting but also fosters acoustic well-being indoors. The potential of influencing the circadian clock through natural light and sound is profound, aiming to enhance psychophysical well-being, minimize distractions, and boost productivity.

🤝 A special thank you to Professors Zancanaro and Esposito from the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Trento for this invaluable opportunity and collaboration.

🚀 Looking forward to the unfolding chapters of this partnership and the transformative impact it can bring to indoor environments. Stay tuned for more updates!


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