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B2 [labtech] groundbreaking installation

🌟 Milestone achievement at Progetto Manifattura: revolutionizing workspaces with B2 Labtech innovation 🌟

🚀 Our groundbreaking installation for enhanced wellbeing

We are thrilled to announce our first installation at Progetto Manifattura by Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A., marking a crucial moment for B2 Labtech. Our installation featured four state-of-the-art Human Centric Acoustic Lighting devices, designed to harmonize with the human circadian rhythm. With environmental sensors and web data aggregation, our technology replicates natural lighting and fosters acoustic wellbeing, significantly impacting mood, focus, and productivity.

🔄 Revolutionizing the industry standard:

Our technology stands out by adapting to human rhythms, a revolutionary approach in an industry accustomed to a one-size-fits-all standard, emphasizing our role as pioneers in creating spaces that prioritize human needs, where human is the centre. Our innovation doesn't just light up rooms; it lights up moods, reduces distractions, and boosts productivity, marking a new era in how artificial lighting is perceived and utilized.

🤝 A collaboration with the University of Trento:

In an exciting partnership with the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, this project serves as a dynamic data testing ground. Our aim? To continually refine and optimize our algorithms, ensuring our technology evolves in real-time to meet human needs. This synergy between technology and cognitive science paves the way for unprecedented advancements in environmental adaptation and personal wellbeing.

✅ Our Commitment:

At B2 Labtech, we're not just developing lighting technology; we're pioneering a movement that places human well-being at the forefront of innovation. Our installation at Spazio Manifattura is a testament to our vision, capability, and dedication to redefine the boundaries of workplace environment enhancements. This milestone is just the beginning, we look forward to forging new paths and setting benchmarks in the industry. Our journey is just beginning, and we are excited about the potential of our technology to transform indoor environments across Europe and beyond.


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