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B2 [labtech] at tba network event

🚀 B2 Labtech at the forefront: innovating at tba network Cuvée 🚀

Last Friday, B2 Labtech stepped into the future of international collaboration and innovation at the inaugural tba network Cuvée in Southtyrol, Italy. A gathering that wasn’t just an event, but a milestone for us in showcasing our cutting-edge lighting solutions and commitment to global business expansion. 🌍✨

With over 70 businessangels and VC fund leaders in attendance, set against the backdrop of South Tyrol’s enchanting wineries, we demonstrated how B2 Labtech is not just part of the lighting innovation landscape but driving it forward, thanks to our technology that adapts to human needs. Networking, South Tyrolean-style, provided a unique blend of culture, ideas, and opportunities, making every discussion and connection more meaningful. 🍇🔗

Our participation is a testament to our dedication to excellence and a global perspective. We are more energized than ever to pave new paths in our lighting industry and beyond, thanks to the insights shared and connections made. 🌟

A big thank to Eva Ogriseg and all the team at tba network that invited us and made this event a beacon of collaborative success. Here's to many more milestones for B2 Labtech as we continue to innovate and expand internationally. Stay tuned!


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