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B2 [labtech] and new horizons in construction: AI, BIM, and Digital Twin

AI, BIM and Digital Twin: what is the future of construction?🏗️🌐

Our CEO, Luca Benedetti, recently participated in the Spreentech Conversation at Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK, where leaders from across Italy and beyond gathered to discuss "New Horizons in Construction: AI, BIM, and Digital Twin."

As B2 Labtech, we presented our pioneering use of AI - Machine Learning in the lighting sector to create sustainable, human-centric environments. Our technology replicates natural lighting indoor and adapt to human needs and behaviors, enhancing well-being, mood and human's performance while promoting energy efficiency and sustainability for constructions. 💡 🌱

The event, moderated by Luca Lucchese, Director General of Spreentech Ventures, highlighted the incredible potential of AI in transforming the building industry. Special thanks to Achille Spinelli, the Economic Development, Labor, University, and Research Councillor, for emphasizing the importance of both public and private efforts in fostering Trentino's innovation ecosystem.

Together, we're lighting the way to a brighter, human centered future! 🌍


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