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Highlights from AIDI seminar

🎉 Enlightening experience at the AIDI seminar! 🎉

📅 Last Friday, B2 Labtech had the honor of participating in the prestigious Italian Lighting Association (AIDI) seminar at the Nicolis Museum in Villafranca di Verona. Our CEO, Luca Benedetti, took the stage alongside industry heavyweights like AEC illuminazione, Lutron Electronics e Casambi. 

🔍 Event Insights: The seminar focused on "Flexibility and Innovation in Light Modulation" and provided a deep dive into the future of lighting control systems. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the latest market technologies and discuss the evolution of lighting solutions that intelligently adapt to human needs.

💡 At B2 Labtech, we shared our our intelligent algorithm.

By learning from the environment and adapting in real-time, it improves people's well-being and productivity indoor, while reducing company footprint. This represents a leap forward in lighting technology, where humans are put in the center.

👥 Thank you for joining us! To everyone who attended and contributed to the discussions, your insights and participation helped shape a visionary path forward for human centric lighting technology.


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