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B2 [labtech] scientific research

🌟 Exciting update from B2 Labtech 🌟

🔔 We are thrilled to announce that we have initiated the UX and UI testing of our innovative lighting platform at our installation within the Spazio Manifattura of Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. This marks a significant step forward in tailoring our technology to enhancing human-centric environments.

🧠 In a groundbreaking collaboration with the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Trento, we've also launched a research study to analyze the psychophysical benefits and performance enhancements provided by our human-centric lighting technology. This research aims to refine and adapt our algorithms based on real user feedback.

🔍 Study Phases:

1.🗣️ Initial Interviews - We've begun with in-depth interviews to collect direct feedback from users, understanding their initial impressions and experiences.

2.📊 Experimental Study - The next phase involves a systematic survey distribution to all individuals using the "B2 Labtech" room, allowing us to gather comprehensive data on user interaction and satisfaction.

3. 📅 Longitudinal Study - Looking ahead, we plan to conduct a more extended study to assess the long-term impacts of our installation on regular users, fine-tuning our approach based on these insights.


🌱 The insights gained from this research will be crucial for using these data objectively in the ESG performance reporting section of our software, providing businesses with a robust and tangible basis for sustainability reporting. This is essential for enhancing corporate resilience and sustainability.

🚀 The feedback received so far highlights the potential of our solution to significantly improve human psychophysical well-being, reduce distractions, and boost workplace performance. We are excited about the positive impact our technology is creating and remain committed to enhancing human experiences through continuous research and innovation.

📢 Stay tuned as we continue to lead the way in transforming workplace environments through advanced lighting solutions that follow and constantly adapt to human rhythms!


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